Metal roofs as an alternative to shingles

When replacing your roof, asphalt shingles aren’t your only choice. Traditional asphalt shingles work well enough for a home.  But if you’re looking for something stronger that lasts longer, shingles just won’t cut it. Metal roofing is more durable than shingles, but it usually only comes in one color: silver…until now.

A metal roof is a permanent roof

You shouldn’t have to reroof a metal roof. It’s a lifetime roof. It should be the last roof you have to install. Your standard staining seam metal roof is not going to rust, at least the ones that are finished, pre-finished, and it’s not going to rust because it’s baked on both sides of the panel. It’s not just on one side. So you don’t have raw metal on the underside as well. But also in the coatings it has UV inhibitors in it to prevent the sun breaking down the color. Not the metal, but the color.

Options for your metal roof

You have two basic ways of fastening the metal roof down. You have panels that come with a nail flange. And it has pre-punched holes for the nails. You nail through there, and then the next panel will cover those nails. The other way is, it comes with a clip system, which is just a simple clip that hooks over the panel. And then you nail the clip down. This metal’s going to get hot and it’s going to want to move. We use the clip system and it allows that panel to slide. Ever so slightly, but it allows it to slide, and that way it doesn’t break the panel.

Most of your manufacturers of metal roofs carry a 50-year warranty. Shingles, because of the high heat, humidity, upwards of 25 years is rare cases. A metal roof, again, it’s lifetime. It is a little bit expensive, but especially we see a lot of people in custom homes, or you’re building your retirement house, they know they’re going to be there a while. And they don’t want to have to go through the expense of reroofing a house once or twice, sometimes even three times. By the time you do that over the lifespan of that house, a metal roof would have been cheaper.

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