Hardie secrets revealed: what gives ColorPlus siding its plus

How does a pile of sand become Hardie ColorPlus siding? Come along on this behind-the-scenes factory tour. Learn the secret of how Hardie creates its longest-lasting siding product. The process is just one part of the story. See why no on-site paint project can compare with how ColorPlus is painted.

What makes Hardie ColorPlus siding so unique

“ColorPlus is a game changer,” says Pat McCollim from HES. “Customers are excited about it.”

Excited about siding? That only seems over the top until you learn how its made and the advantages it gives your home.

“All Hardie’s siding starts the same,” says Mark Chamberland from James Hardie. “We start with silica sand that’s then ground into a fine powder. We then mix in wood pulp and pour it in cement, which is then mixed together to form a fiber-cement slurry. We then take the product and press it into sheets, and then we emboss a pattern on top of it, which gives us your wood finish.”

ColorPlus siding takes an extra step

“We apply multiple coats of paint to the product in our factory setting,” adds Chamberland. “This allows us to provide a 15 year paint and labor warranty on the product, ensuring that your home will look good for 15 years plus.”

Factory application of the paint also eliminates the need for field apply paint and also lowers the maintenance on your home.

“When I’m in the home talking with homeowners, the thing that I find that attracts them to ColorPlus technology is the warranty that Hardie gives with it,” says McCullim. “The factory applied paint job to the fiber and cement, the combination of those two things really gets them excited about ColorPlus.”

The biggest advantage of using ColorPlus siding is it’s made in the factory under controlled conditions. Not only the siding, but the paint job, as well. That allows Hardie to give you the strongest warranties in the business. And, of course, it looks great and holds up well to our Texas environment.

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