Laminate floors close the gap on wood

Hardwood floors are pricey. While some say it’s worth it, laminate floors are closing the gap on the look and feel of hardwood floors. Plus, laminate is more durable to keep your floors looking new even when the kids and pets play around. Watch Jason Whittington from Texas Floors show you the difference between hardwood and laminate floors.

Laminate floors advances in technology

“The technology has come leaps and bounds,” says Jason Whittington of Texas Floors. “There are pieces of laminate floors now that even I have a hard time telling the difference between that and the real thing.”

These advances comes down to improvements in camera lenses. Because, laminate flooring is actually a picture. That picture of actual wood is coated in a plastic shell and put on top of the laminate cord. That’s probably laminate floors’ biggest advantage, is it’s much more durable than your average wood. Because it’s a man-made plastic it is very resistant to scratching, denting, and dinging.

A vital laminate floors consideration

One of the knocks on laminate floors is that it does have a bit of a hollow sound because it actually floats on a pad. It’s not attached to anything. That’s why it has to be installed correctly. As long as the subfloor is nice and flat and level, it minimizes the amount of space underneath the laminate to create the noise.

Secondly, be sure to upgrade the pad. The better the pad is, the more it absorbs the sound and cushions it so it makes less noise.

Remember also that because it is a laminate, the better the core, the better that it’s made, the less it’s going to make noise.

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