This custom kitchen update aims to improve on Tom Tynan’s design


Can a kitchen update improve on perfection? That’s the challenge Walter and his wife took on when they brought TriFection in to bring their Tom Tynan-built kitchen up to date with their lifestyle.

“We were very happy with the kitchen when the house was done,” Walter said.

Originally, Tom designed and built a galley-style kitchen. It was perfect back then, but the needs of a growing family dictated a kitchen update.

“They really wanted to open it up,” says Jeff Reina of TriFection. “ They wanted to allow more light in, make it more entertainment friendly.”

In addition to the kitchen update, TriFection expanded into unused garage space to create a walk-in pantry and laundry room.

“It’s difficult seeing something I built taken down to studs,” Tom said. “But, it feels good to know TriFection were the guys putting it back together”

A kitchen update: remedy for dysfunctional spaces

While it may be easier to live with a space than go through the remodeling process, the result makes life easier. The keys to making it easier: be prepared, have a plan, be patient.

Preparing for your kitchen update

When you work with a HomeShow Pro like TriFection, you can trust their expertise in optimizing your space. But, they’ll need some info up front to deliver the kitchen update you want.

  1. Scale Drawings: Existing kitchen space is real time saver. If not, TriFection can measure and create drawings. This starting point understanding informs everything that follows.
  2. Kitchen Goals: What is it you want? In Walter’s case, they wanted an open, family-friendly space. Think out what you want. Make a wish list. What do you hate about your kitchen? Or, what do you love about a friend’s?
  3. Set a budget: Typically, you should limit spending to less than 15% of your home’s current market value. And, just to make sure you come in on budget, lop off 20% for the unexpected. If there’s one thing that’s true about kitchen updates: you can expect the unexpected. So, budget for it.
  4. Be patient: When working with our HomeShow Pros at TriFection, you’ll be kept informed on the timeline for your project. Wrap your brain around the idea of not having a kitchen for a period of time. Giving them unfettered use of that space will speed the job along.

A kitchen update happy ending

By choosing a trustworthy contractor, agreeing to a plan and giving it the time needed, you will soon wonder why you waited so long to update your kitchen.

“What I’m happy with,” added Walter, “is TriFection’s execution of that vision is exactly as it was in our minds eye.”

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