The kitchen remodeling success recipe

Next to your living room, your kitchen sees more guests and parties than all other rooms in your home combined. So why not put your best foot forward with a kitchen update? Whether it’s refacing, new counter tops or full kitchen remodeling, an updated kitchen makes your whole home feel new.

Kitchen remodeling brings you up to date

People live in a house for so long, and they go into their friends houses that have either been remodeled, or it’s a new house, and everything is updated with new styles. And it’s like buying a new car. Why did you get a new car? Because yours is old and you want something new. And you get in that new car, and you get that new car smell, and people renovate to bring their house, or in this case their kitchen, just up to date.

Recipe for kitchen remodeling

The first part of the process is the selection process. What kind of cabinets, what color are the cabinets, what kind of counter tops, and tile selections, paint selections. That part of the process takes most customers between two and four weeks.

The construction phase in a kitchen like this is basically a six week project. The bones of a kitchen are the cabinets. There’s many different ways that cabinets can be built out of different types of wood and different stain colors. Aside from the cabinets, there’s the granite counter top. On the project shown here, an accent wall was selected where the entire wall has been tiled.

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