You won’t believe what’s hidden in this kitchen remodeling project

Dated. Crowded. Inefficient. It’s a common story for kitchens over 20 years old. Wine improves with age. Kitchens don’t. The time had come for kitchen remodeling updates for Cheri. But, the part she loves the most is practically hidden from view.

Kitchen remodeling begins with a dream

The first step in every kitchen remodeling project is thinking. Think about what you want. Cheri had a long list of wants for her kitchen. From updating appliances to updating the look. What’s most important to you? It’s vital you think it through before kitchen remodeling begins and certainly before taking the next step.

Homework improves kitchen remodeling results

Dreaming up your kitchen is fun. Tethering it to reality means remembering that budget and scope are intertwined. What you want is governed by what you can afford. Making the most of your budget means researching appliance options, remodeling options, and your real needs. It’s like building a puzzle. Efficient storage, was Cheri’s missing puzzle piece.

The key to successful kitchen remodeling

After surveying Cheri and her husband’s research and examining their kitchen, TriFection’s Jeff Roberts understood what they needed. Did you miss it? The key to a successful kitchen remodeling project is finding a contractor who listens. Otherwise you wind up with a kitchen of their design, not one that fits your goals.

One of Cheri’s goals was more efficient use of her storage space. Most kitchen pantries are monuments to inefficiency. Instead, TriFection replaced her pantry closets with pull-out pantry cabinets. Each one holds more than her two original pantries. It’s one of her favorite improvements, but it’s practically hidden from view.

Be prepared for what should be obvious

There’s nothing like the feeling of having a new kitchen. That’s something to remember during the remodeling project. Because, nothing can prepare you for the inconvenience of living without it during your kitchen remodeling project. Think of it as camping out in your own home. But, it’s so worth it. Just ask Cheri. Better yet, watch the video and see for yourself.

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