It’s shocking how many homes suffer easily prevented gutter damage



Clogged gutters are easily overlooked—until they cause damage or flooding. By then, it may be too late to avoid any of these five costly gutter damage repairs.

Gutter damage to roofing

When water backs up in your gutters, the edge of your roof surface and its underlayment can be easily damaged by water contact. This causes the wood and surface material to rot and become weak. Eventually shingles and the decking underneath will need replacement.

Gutter damage to fascia

Each gallon of water backed up in gutters is weighs in at eight pounds. This strain causes gutter attachments to pull away from the fascia, damaging the wood. That’s not all: Water spilling over the gutters and onto the fascia boards causes it to rot and weaken.

Gutter damage to walls, windows, doors and patios

Once water spills over your gutter edges, it falls onto walls, window frames, doors and whatever surface is below. Because these surfaces are not designed for this much water contact, overflowing gutters will eventually cause damage such as rot, warping and failure.

Gutter damage to Foundations and Landscaping

Excess water around our foundation will cause it to leak, shift, crack or even sink. Gutters and downspouts should carry water away from your home and foundation. Your landscaping also suffers. It is the difference between watering with a garden hose vs watering with a fire hose.

Slips and falls due to gutter damage

Another more personal form of gutter problems happens when water falls where you don’t expect it. A wet walkway, entry or driveway is a potential slip and fall risk. Properly installed and maintained gutters keep your home and walkways as ‘slip-free’ as possible.

Gutter covers prevent gutter damage

The addition of gutter covers by Gutter Professionals of Houston causes debris that can block and backup your gutters to flow off the top while water is trapped and carried away. By keeping your them clear, you’re more likely to avoid potentially expensive gutter problems.