Discover these simple rose garden tricks to grow more roses every season

A rose garden might seem a challenging project to most gardeners. Fact is, according to RCW Nurseries, with proper planting and care, you too can become a successful rose gardener. There is one rose gardening trick that makes the difference.

A rose garden for you?

Start by choosing location for your rose garden that gets at least six hours of sun daily. Since rose bushes prosper in well-drained soil, RCW Nurseries recommends planting them in raised beds. Plant your roses about two feet deep. Backfill the hole and add manure with the soil.

When to start a rose garden

Dormant rose plants should be planted in early spring or fall. Potted roses can be planted any time between spring and fall, but for best results plant in the spring. You can water roses from above until they flower. From then on, water at the soil line with a soaker hose.

Keep your rose garden healthy

Be careful with how much water your rose garden gets. Roses are highly susceptible to fungal diseases, such as black spot and powdery mildew—especially when over watered. Make sure your roses get about two inches of water a week. If you’re building raised beds, it’s easiest to install soaker hoses.

Be careful with pruning

Pruning your rose bushes helps them produce more beautiful flowers. For best results, prune in spring once leaf buds appear. Make your cute about a quarter inch above the bud so the bud doesn’t dry out. Remember to also prune out any twiggy or unhealthy branches. As Baxter says in our HomeShow feature video, anything smaller than a pencil should be trimmed away.

Simple trick to a successful rose garden

Your rose garden experience is more likely to be successful if you choose the right roses from the beginning. Baxter Williams of the Houston Rose Society offers these suggestions for roses that prosper in our climate:

  • Veterans’ Honor: long-stemmed Hybrid Tea, great red color with good fragrance
  • Moonstone: long-stemmed Hybrid Tea, beautiful white with pink edging with good fragrance
  • Double Delight: long-stemmed Hybrid Tea, pale yellow with dark red edges, strong fragrance
  • Dolly Parton: long-stemmed Hybrid Tea, deep red-orange color, very strong fragrance
  • Belinda’s Dream: Shrub rose, medium pink with good fragrance, low-care variety

Get started with your rose garden

Rose gardening isn’t all that complicated. Just give your roses wha they need and you’ll enjoy their beauty all year long.


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