How to Properly Water Your Trees

Speaker 1: Yeah. This is … It’s not super-dry, but it’s dry. It could use some water.

Tom Tynan: The life of a new tree.

Speaker 1: The first 12 months is critical.

Tom Tynan: Big or small, when transplanting a tree to your yard, the formula for success is H2O.

Speaker 1: The slower the water, the better: the better the roots absorb it.

Tom Tynan: How often do you need to water? The first step is to get your hands dirty.

Speaker 3: About five inches away from the trunk, five or six inches.

Tom Tynan: Dig a small hole next to the root ball.

Speaker 3: My hand is right here by the roots.

Tom Tynan: Moist root soil shows the tree is getting the water it needs. Now you’re ready to start a watering schedule.

Speaker 1: You want to water, probably, a good 25-30 minutes, a slow trickle, depending on the season and how dry we are and how much rain we’ve gotten.

Tom Tynan: Water between two to three times a week, but only if your tree needs it. Keep checking the soil.

Speaker 1: You want to make sure your bed is well raised. We recommend anywhere from six to eight inches. We have even raised beds as high as two feet.

Tom Tynan: How much water do shrubs need? To find out, use the same advice I give on the radio. Stick your finger in it.

Speaker 1: You dig down your finger about two or three inches on a shrub, to see how moist the roots are.

Tom Tynan: Know your trees, and trust your instincts. Also, beware of over-watering.

Speaker 1: If they drown completely, they get suffocated and they lack oxygen. The roots don’t breathe.

Tom Tynan: After the first year, it gets easier. Invest the time now, and don’t forget to shape them while they’re young.

Speaker 1: If you cut it right above this node here, it’s going to branch out that way. If you do it on this one, it’s going to branch out that way.

Tom Tynan: Plan before each cut.

Speaker 1: So, this is going to branch out and start shooting out this way.

Tom Tynan: I get my plants and trees, and expert advice, at RCW Nurseries, my certified home show pro of all things green and growing. For HomeShow, I’m Tom Tynan.

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