How to Grow Fig Trees

Cathleen Williamson:
So on a fig tree, it doesn’t flower. It just has the fruit that starts. When you find your figs that have a little pinhole in them, it’s probably a bird or some type of insect that you can just hit it with some neem product, or spinosad product, and that’ll take care of that. On any trees, usually if you see the edge of the leaves have a brown, curling, brittle, it’s usually over-watering. So I know this isn’t a lack of watering because it’s not brown all the way around the edge of the leaf. It’s just spots of it and it’s holes in it, and it’s eaten. Look like it’s got bite marks in it. A gig tree that hasn’t produced anything yet, its branches already leaning is just to go ahead and cut it above the node or stake it up. If you want a stronger trunk and more nutrients to the tree, just start picking them off when they’re babies. If you’re really not sure at all if it’s a bug, a fungus, or a mite, you can hit it with a neem product, and you’d want to try to do this early, early in the morning or late in the evening. I prefer late in the evening. I would just hit it because it does take care of mites, insects, fungicide. It’s a all in one, and just kind of hit under leaf, top leaf.

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