How to Fix Uneven Driveways and Tripping Hazards

Daniel Chriss: In our area we have clays that expand and contract, so the soil can cause some settlement, also there’s trees in the area that as they suck out moisture they take water out of the clay which leads to settlement.

Tom Tynan: From the curb, you can’t even tell there is a problem.

Daniel: Right now it’s not that bad.

Tom: How not that bad… on a scale from one to ten?

Daniel: In the grand scheme of things this is probably a two, maybe a three..

Tom: Basically…

Daniel: It is a trip hazard so somebody could get injured.

Tom: There are two types of homeowners… ones who wait for small problems to get bigger… and…

Louis: I’ve seen a picture of a situation similar to that, where is made a crack across your slab, and I didn’t want that to happen, so I figured if I nipped it in the bud….

Tom: Smart move. What will be a small repair now… later…

Daniel: You could easily go double triple the original cost of the repair.

Tom: Mud jacking would be cheaper, but polyurethane allows for smaller holes.

Daniel: The polyurethane is made of an A and B component, so you have an iso and a resin, and they mix to produce a foam.

Louis: It’s slow but you can see it.

Danie: As the foam expands it will raise the concrete back to wherever grade we set.

Tom: It looks simple, but there is an art to doing this right.

Daniel: As you move one corner it’s going to effect all three corners of the concrete.

Tom: Which presents a problem…

Daneil: As the foam expands it sets, so once you set a corner it’s set forever.

Tom: Before it had a chance to be come big, this small problem… has been fixed.

Louis: It looks pretty good, I’m satisfied with the job they did.

Tom: Knowing which method is best for fixing YOUR uneven concrete, that’s what makes
Concrete Raising Corporation a certified HomeShow Pro. For HomeShow radio dot com I’m Tom Tynan.

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