Houston Powder Coaters: Rust Prevention

Robin Orlando:

So a little known fact. When your wrought iron furniture comes from the manufacturer, they have these huge vats that they dip the entire piece in, which soaks every single inch of the furniture. Unfortunately, there are no powder coaters that have vats, but have no fear. Houston Powder Coaters can help you with this. We do sandblast and we pay close attention to your furniture, adding phosphate to make sure rust stays at bay. However, once we powder coat, you get a thin layer of all the areas, but thicker on the surface areas. However, you may see some surface rust, and that is normal because of the light coating within the metal. You can get a light dish detergent with some warm water, clean off the areas, let it air dry.

Then you’ll want to get a clear wax spray, something that you put to your car, spray the entire piece, but you want to pay close attention to where metal meets metal, especially on the edges, because that’s going to be where some of these rust seepage will pop up. You want to pay attention and put all the wax there. Once you’ve applied the wax, you’ll just do a soft wipe of it, but let that wax sit into the areas where metal meets metal, and that’s going to hold all that surface rust at bay.

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