Houston Powder Coaters: Metal Powder Coating

Robin: If it’s metal there is a good chance that we will be able to coat it.

Tom: This story has everything: sandblasting, lasers, torches, and even grandma’s old patio furniture.

Robin Orlando / HPC: If it’s metal, we got it.

Tom: Rust the reaction of iron and oxygen. Add moisture if you want to speed things up.

Robin: Just because something is completely rusted through, it has holes or what have you, does’t mean it’s automatically garbage.

Tom: Paint protects.. for a while… Want paint on steroids? … powder coat.

Robin: It’s just like wet paint that you see, but it’s the powder version of it.

Tom: Sandblasting strips down to the bare metal, it’s necessary for the powder to adhere.

Robin: It’s not actually sand, it’s gonna be more of a steel and glass mixture.

Tom: THIS process removes old paint and rust, but old powder coating need a little more convincing.

Robin: That’s going to break apart the particles to make it easier to sand blast.

Tom: Greasy auto parts, delicate antiques… it’s laser time… another perk…

Robin: The laser we can do on site.

Tom: For this next step, I hope you were paying attending in eight grade science class…

Robin: When we sandblast the metal it will actually give a negative charge to it.

Tom: and the powder coating holds a positive charge.

Robin: The powder is like a magnet and it sticks to the metal.

Tom: If this was paint, that white suit would be covered.

Robin: Opposites attract and that’s how the powder adheres to metal so nicely.

Tom: Next, the powder coated metal goes through a baking process. The result…

Robin: When you powder coat with us, you’re expected to have it last about ten years.

Tom: Grandma’s old patio furniture looks better than the day it was new.

Robin: Why throw your memories away, why not allow us to restore it?

Tom: Houston Powder Coaters will pick up your rusted items, and return them restored, and… delivery is free. That’s why they are my certified HomeShow Pro of powder coating. From HomeShowRadio.com, I’m Tom Tynan.

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