Someone’s got an eye on you

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Burglars and kids, the two main demographics that always want to penetrate the entrances to our homes. Surveillance systems aren’t just for cops and businesses anymore. We can install them at home. See how easy it is to keep an eye on your home from anywhere. All it takes is internet access.

Most residents, they go with the basic cameras around the front door or the entry doors. This particular one is a vandal proof dome camera. It has adjustments for focus and telephoto right on the front of it. So when you’re setting the camera up, you can zoom it out to whatever field you want to see. And then it has infrared illumination around the outside, which it’ll see in total darkness.

This is a covert camera. Basically we use this in nanny cam applications where they want to keep track of people in the house without them knowing it. And we have this particular camera has a fixed lens. You can’t adjust the field of view, but it’s got a great picture. It’s 380 lines of resolution, and it runs $150.

The main component of any video system is your recording device. That’s a DVR. This unit we’re seeing here is an 8-position entry-level device. We have a basic DVR. Then we have the more advanced commercial break DVR. This is or 16-input DVR. You can hook up to 16 cameras to it. It has a one-terrabyte hard drive.

Small enough to fool even the sneakiest thief, and powerful enough to see across town, even in the dark. Today’s video surveillance cameras would impress 007 himself.

We do full custom security, all the windows and doors. We protect the whole house. And same thing with the cameras, all around the outside perimeter.

We do full monitoring. We have our central station in San Antonio. And we do full-service fire alarms, burglar alarm, panics, medical alerts, all the different devices.

Durable and highly efficient cameras, multichannel DVRs, quality installation, and round-the-clock monitoring can provide the peace of mind you may need to rest easy tonight. For, I’m Tom Tynan.