Three home remodeling project secrets


The biggest secrets to successful home remodeling are often in all the little details. Ask any pro and they’ll tell you: knowing which matter most helps you achieve better results with every home remodeling project. So, which matter most? Jeff Roberts and the TriFection team share their inside tips learned from completing thousands of home remodeling projects. Tom leads you throughout a full home remodeling project picking up tips in every room. Learn how to plan cabinets that work for you. Find out why what happens before you paint matters as much as the painting itself. Discover a new way of choosing lighting for your home. Get out a pencil and paper to take notes while watching TriFection in action.

TriFection’s Home Remodeling tips

  1. Take stock of what you need to store before planning cabinets
  2. Complete detailed prep work before painting begins
  3. Design your lighting with functional purposes in mind

Jeff has one additional tip that will make your next home remodeling project go even easier.

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