Give Hardie siding a perfect finish


James Hardie’s ColorPlus technology is a giant step forward in Hardie siding. But, without the right installation that step could be a stumble for you. Watch as a HomeShow Hardie Pros Hardie siding installation transforms a home’s appearance in less than a day.

Getting your Hardie siding install right

Hardie siding protects your home and looks good doing it. But it won’t do either, if it’s not installed properly. HomeShow Hardie Pros get it right because they strictly follow Hardie siding factory guidelines.

First, the old siding is removed all the way down to the studs. Then the entire surface is wrapped with a weather barrier. Color Plus Hardie siding comes pre-wrapped with plastic, which helps protect it until it’s on the wall. Installers work their way up, and then on the way down they do the touch ups. And then that wall is done.