5 ways a gutter system protects your home every time it rains

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A little rain can’t hurt you. But, that’s not true about your home. An inch of rain on an average-size roof accumulates into about 1,900 gallons of water. Without a gutter system to guide it, all that water can cause a world of hurt to your home. The only thing worse? Clogged gutters.

The unseen value of gutter systems

The important a role your gutter system plays in protecting your home from the damaging effects of water is often overlooked. Without gutters, water runs free and can penetrate your home’s exterior. It doesn’t take long for it to cause damage, both visible and invisible.

Fascia and soffit damage comes first when rain comes pouring off your roof. Landscaping takes the brunt of uncontrolled rainfall. Ultimately, your foundation can even be impacted. Instead, a correctly designed gutter system can move rain away from these areas thereby protecting your home.

The five reasons your home needs a gutter system

  • Exterior wall protection: As water runs off your roof, it can splash dirt and moisture back up onto your fascia, soffit and exterior walls. This can lead to staining, rotting and weathering.
  • Prevent soil erosion: Falling water packs a wallop that can cause erosion of the soil around your foundation or excess moisture which can contribute to foundation problems.
  • Landscaping protection: Excessive water pouring off your roof can damage and even kill shrubs, grass and other plants.
  • Keeping you dry: Your roof’s drip-line can become a literal water fall during rainstorms. That makes it nearly impossible to get in or out of your home without getting soaked.
  • Irrigation support: Cisterns are growing in popularly making it possible to use gutters to gather rain water for irrigation of the lawn, landscaping and even a garden.

What’s worse than no gutter system?

Clogged gutters create even bigger issues than having no gutter system at all. Gutters tend to overflow in the places where most water damage problems begin. Gutter Professionals of Houston recommends cleaning gutters at least twice a year if you have trees around your home.

Gutter covers are another option. Solutions ranging form screens to complete covers prevent build up that leads to clogs from happening in the first place. Gutter system covers use the surface tension of water running over your gutters to carry away debris; debris goes over the side, water collects in the gutters.

Managing how rain comes off your roof protects your home, landscaping and even keeps you from getting drenched. All it takes is a properly designed and installed gutter system.