Maintain your garage door

Your garage door. Through the ups and downs, your garage door is there, protecting the biggest entrance to your house. To keep it that way, your garage door needs maintenance. Doors shouldn’t squeak and moan every time they open. If they open at all. Keeping that big door rolling only takes a little bit of maintenance. Get the tips and tricks to make sure your garage door goes up and down.

We need to look at our hinges, our rollers, and our springs. What we want to do is make sure they’re maintained by putting a little oil on there to keep the friction down. You have garage door lubricant, or you can use 30 weight motor oil, whichever one’s handy in the garage. You want to lubricate the pivot points of this hinge on the left and right hand side. And then on the ball bearing race of your roller, just a little shot of oil on it.

In here? Uh huh.

The other thing we want to take a look at is our springs. We don’t want them to get dry and start to rust.

I’ve got a question. What about, you’ve got kids running around the house, you want to make sure that operator will reverse when it comes down, in case somebody’s in the way. How do we check that?

That’s a simple test. And to do that, all we need to do is put a little two by four underneath the door and run the door through a cycle.


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