Garage door protection: wind load posts

A hurricane is on the way. You’ve evacuated your family. You’ve boarded up your doors and windows. But, what about your home’s largest opening: your garage door. If that goes, all your belongings in the garage will go with it. A lock alone isn’t enough. That’s why a wind load post is recommended garage door protection. See a proven method to keep your garage safe in any kind of weather.

Garage door protection guards your home

The only thing holding that door to the house is the tracks. If the tracks give out with the door compressing and compacting, your garage door blows out. That’s why you need something behind that garage door to reinforce it to keep it from coming out of those tracks. The recommended solution: a wind load post to the back of the door.

All it takes to install a wind load post is the right drill and drill bit to drill the concrete. And then you want either a drill driver or an impact gun to run the wood legs into the header. Drill holes in the concrete for the post to be secured. Add wood lag bolts at the header. Then thread cables are through the hinges and then attached to the post. They’re easy to remove, they’re easy to install. They’re really quite handy to have.

Using a wind load post on your garage door

Before you put the post in, you should disconnect the arm from the operator to the door, and also unplug the operator.

While these wind load posts are rated for 120 mile an hour winds, They bring your door up to code. They don’t make yours a wind load door. But, they add peace of mind that your garage is secure and you’re not going to have damage to your personal property.

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