Surprising dangers are avoidable with basic garage door care

It’s the largest moving object in your home. It can also be the most dangerous. Luckily all it takes is some basic garage door care to keep it running smooth and safe.

Garage door care basics

Your garage door is made of of four parts: the tracks and rollers, the operator and sensors, the door itself and the spring that makes opening it so easy. That last part is where danger lives.

Packed into that spring is enough tension to lift a door weighing a couple hundred pounds. That’s why you should trust spring work to a professional like The Overhead Door Company of Houston.

It’s a door, not a toy

Take time to teach your children that garage door care starts by treating the door with respect. Your garage door and its operating system are not playthings. If misused, your garage door can cause serious injury or even death.

Garage door care step-by-step

Checking your rollers, oiling the torsion spring and hinges are basic periodic maintenance. It’s a good idea to test the operator to make sure its sensors will stop the door should something get in their path. Likewise, placing a 2×2 square block of wood where you door closes will confirm that the operator’s safety reverse is properly set. The Overhead Door Company’s Brad Gallion explains in our garage safety video.

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