A new front door makes a better impression and boosts home value

Your front door is the ambassador of your home. It greets friends and visitors. But, it also has to be tough enough to stand up to every kind of weather. Could be ready for a new one? A new front door can boost your home’s perceived value by 4.2%. Before setting out to buy a new one, though, consider these three front door factors.

Front door budgeting

A replacement front door is an investment in your home that deserves careful planning and budgeting. Like anything else, replacement doors have up-front expenses and long-term maintenance costs. Installation isn’t as easy as it might seem. If you’re a first time Do It Yourselfer, budgeting for professional installation could be money-saving decision.

Show your style

Consider your home’s architecture in relation to your front door. While it can make a statement, your door should also compliment your home’s overall look. Whether you choose a classic design with six panels, or a more creative stained-glass door, remember that everything in your home starts with this door.

Materials Matter

Your choice of front door materials boil down to three choices: Wood, Fiberglass, or Steel. Make an informed choice by considering what each material brings to your home.

  • Wood: While beautiful, wood doors can be expensive to buy and own. Wood doors are typically made of sandwiched veneers over a wood core. Given wood’s sensitivity to humidity and sun, it may not be your best choice for a Houston home.
  • Fiberglass: Unlike wood doors, fiberglass doors are low maintenance and provide added insulation. Their durability and affordability are why they’re Tom’s first choice. Best of all, using a gelcoat finish gives fiberglass doors the look of wood.
  • Steel: Steel doors are strong, won’t warp or crack. But, they can dent. Given our climate, keep in mind that steel conducts temperature. But, a designer steel door with glass and wrought iron present your home with unequalled elegance.

Which ever material and style you choose, go on to make your front door an expression of the family that lives behind it. Choose a color, accessories and hardware to properly complete the look and make your home a welcoming place from the start.

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