Ignoring foundation repair warning signs is an expensive mistake

Big problems usually grow from little warning signs. That’s how it is with your foundation. A little crack here, a little crack there and before you know it: you’re facing a big foundation repair. Knowing the little warning signs can help you take action before they grow into expensive problem.

Foundation repair warning signs

Houston’s expansive soils expand when wet and shrink when dry. All too often, your house goes along for ride. These movements produce warning signs—if you know where to look.

  • Doors: A shifting house will cause doors to stick, or fail to latch
  • Walls: Cracks appear over doorways, windows, or where ceilings meet
  • Floors: Cracks open in grouting or across concrete floors
  • Windows: Ones that once opened and close easily start sticking or won’t close
  • Exteriors: Cracks in brick veneers, leaning walls; check with a level


Foundation repair signals are easily missed

These signs are often easy to detect, yet could be taken for granted. Remember, though, that houses settle over time. A little unevenness isn’t cause for panic. But, if you’re even slightly concerned, it’s better to have an expert like Du-West Foundation Repair take measurements and remove any doubt.

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