Texas soil causes foundation repair?

Texas clay soil can’t help it. God made it this way. It expands when moist, contracts when dry. The whole time, your foundation can’t help but go along for the ride. Watch an up-close look at how pressed-pile repairs not only bring foundations back where they belong, but often help prevent future problems.
h2>Texas’ expansive clay leads to foundation repair

Expansive Texas clay can be the biggest enemy to your home’s foundation. If clays get wet, they expand and come upward. When they dry out, they contract and go downward. And this up and down movement will typically cause whatever’s sitting on top of it to move.

The foundation repair process

The most common form of repair is a friction bearing pile. A hole is dug to get access under a foundation. From there, precast concrete section of piling are pushed down into the ground until they gain enough skin friction up the side of the piling to actually hold the structure up.

For an added measure of strength, once the piling is driven, Du-West Foundation Repair places rebar down the center of the piling and grout it in so water doesn’t transfer down through the piling. Once the pilings are set, your home is trued again.

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