Finding a Flooring Contractor You Can Trust

Jeff: I’ve had the same yard man for 15 years, the same pool guy for over 15, the same maid for 15… when I find a guy I like and they take care of me, and I can take care of them, it just works for me.

Tom Tynan: Admit it, behind this garage door you hope there is a man cave…

Jeff / Homeowner: It’s something that I wanted for ever.

Tom: Stay focused… this is a story about flooring.

Jason Whittington: We put in some nice wood floor in the game room area.

Tom: But wait… there’s more…

Jason: Some nice custom carpet with some risers that we tucked all nice for the media room area.

Tom: Yes, this IS a story about flooring… but also it’s a story about trust.

Jeff: A toilet overflowed and it flooded the entire house, so we were able to put new wood floors in every room of the house.

Tom: Not every room, the kitchen was travertine, also done by Texas Floors.

Jason: Ten years ago when they had that look with the travertine and the wood, where the kitchen was separate, that was the style, that was what everyone was doing.

Tom: In style ten yeas ago … now?

Jason: That style is kind of old and tired.

Tom: Another way to put it.

Jeff: Just played out.

Tom: The new style they wanted… old school. Matching the wood floor from the next room, that was laid down years ago.

Jason: When we do a project like this we buy more than we need so we can pick through the box and pick the pieces that match the best, particularly at the joint.

Tom: You can’t tell where old ends and new begins. But I have one question? Aren’t they worried about having real wood flooring in the kitchen?

Jeff: You want what you want, and if they get messed up I’ll just call Texas Floors and they’ll take care of it for me.

Jason: I think it’s the greatest compliment that anyone can get that provides a service. It says that the customer trusts you and respects what you’re doing.

Tom: Taking care of customers for years and years is an important part of what makes Texas Floors a certified HomeShow Pro. For I’m Tom Tynan.

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