Driveway leveling, no messy tear-out

Your driveway can easily fall victim to the same problems Houston’s highly expansive soils cause to foundations. When the soil underneath expands and contracts, your driveway can go gradually out of level section by section. Rather than tear-out the old concrete, Du-West now offers an easier driveway leveling solution.

Polyurethane driveway leveling

High-density polyurethane concrete leveling by Du-West is an efficient, cost effective driveway leveling solution. Used extensively by highway departments, polyurethane concrete leveling raises and stabilizes existing concrete without need for any messy tear-out.

Foam to the rescue

Two polyurethane liquid components are mixed and injected under pressure below the area or structure being repaired. The two liquids react with each other, expand and harden, like the foam you get in a can to seal around windows. These polyurethane foams spread out from the exact spot they’re injected under pressure to live the slab before hardening.

Quick and easy driveway leveling

Once the work is done, your driveway is good to go—immediately. No drying or curing necessary–another advantage over pouring a new driveway.

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