The secret to a lasting drain line plumbing repair revealed

Time heals all wounds, unless it’s a plumbing wound. Then time is not your friend.

“I can’t walk into my home and be afraid to do the laundry, “ says Sandra, a homeowner with reason to be concerned. “I can’t walk into my home and be afraid to flush the toilet. This way keep discharging, but the toilet would start to–the water levels would
elevate to the point where, thank goodness I knew how to turn water off.”

Six years ago she had a company come to replace and fix the alleged problem. She spent thousands of dollars. The previous contractor had only replaced what was in the yard.

The problem under the house was never addressed. Sandra knew the problem was never properly fixed. She called Abacus Plumbing to find out why.

Abacus Plumbing to the rescue

They put a camera down the drain to visually inspect the problem. The camera revealed standing water in a six inch dip in the drain line under the house.

Fixing the problem demanded going directly to the source of the problem. That meant tunneling under the house and straightening out the pipe so it had slope all the way out to where it tied into the city.

Drain pipes are not made to be flexible, and when they dip far enough, they will snap in two leaving you with a complete system failure.

Sandra gave the green light to Abacus for direct access, a proper repair, and no more drain problems.

“I have no regrets whatsoever,” she says.

Diagnosing and fixing plumbing problems correctly, and fixing them for good, that’s what makes Abacus Plumbing a certified HomeShow Pro.

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