Disaster relief volunteers take homes from fatal to fixer upper

The worst of times bring out the best in people. As waters receded disaster relief volunteers flooded into Houston. Because, one of the world’s leading volunteer organizations, All Hands Volunteers, led the charge.

Over the last ten years, over 35,000 All Hands Volunteers have donated 175,000 days of assistance to 500,000 people. Their volunteers work together to rebuild hope alongside local residents and partners. As a result, communities are restored and lives are transformed.

Volunteer Disaster Relief

All Hands Volunteers is a US-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. They provide immediate and long-term disaster relief assistance. To make that happen, they engage and leverage volunteers, partner organizations and local communities. Their goal: demonstrate the power and value of volunteer service. All Hands Volunteers’ tangible work brings hope to suffering communities. Along the way, their activities also provides transformative experiences for volunteers.

All Hands Volunteers put their muscle where it matters in three ways:

They respond to needs of communities impacted by the devastation of natural disasters. This year’s floods are a perfect example.
All Hands Volunteers connects volunteers, partner organizations and local communities. Together they help homeowners through activities like “mucking and gutting.” But, they also help with “rubbling” after earthquakes. Or, providing safe demolition for buildings that are dangerous.

All Hands Volunteers also works together with communities. Helping rebuild the basic “hubs” of a community they’re able to help meet longer term needs. Recovery help includes homes, schools, day care facilities and community centers.

Ultimately, All Hands Volunteers becomes part of the fabric of the communities served. As a result, his enables them to uncover new ways to serve and encourage volunteers to meet needs where feasible.

Their projects have included weekly movie nights for kids in Malawi. This helped offset the devastation with smiles and laughter. They’ve also held weekly English tutoring sessions in the Philippines. Here in the Houston area, All Hands Volunteers brought much needed flood relief to those who would otherwise have lost their homes.

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