Concrete recycling makes green easy

When time comes to replace your crumbling driveway, put all that concrete to good use. Recycling your driveway is one of the easiest ways to “go green.” What was a crumbling eyesore is crushed and given a new life building roads and other projects by Cherry Companies.

Concrete recycling is easy for you

Typically, a driveway can last you 10 to 20 years, depending on the quality of construction. Concrete recycling puts your driveway to use in projects as a road base material. It also reduces waste in landfills. It starts with a phone call to Cherry Companies.

To take safety precautions, Cherry locates any utility lines. They also follow all safety and OSHA rules– hard hat, safety vests, and gloves to keep their crew safe. The demolition process begins by breaking the concrete with hydraulic hammers. Once that’s done, they use bucket and start removing the concrete into dump trucks.

Concrete recycling means a greener Houston

At that point, Cherry’s dump trucks dump the concrete at their recycling plant, where your driveway becomes crushed concrete, which is a flex base or a road base that’s used in roadways and driveways. A typical driveway can take, depending on the size, anywhere from a day to two to three days. But typically, it’s done-in-a-day process.

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