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Rae Lee: “In the end I got the kitchen that I wanted, I got the location that I wanted, I got the open space that I wanted”

Tom: This story starts in the perfect neighborhood. This is a story about a dream home.

Rae Lee: We looked for about a year.

Tom: The house they found was (pause) very nice.

Reina: They had been looking for the perfect house.

Tom: They had a vision of what that perfection would look like, this floor plan is not it.

Rae Lee: I can have people in the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, and it still feels like we’re all together.

Tom: Dark, closed in, old carpet, outdated… adjectives all on her non-perfection punch list.

Reina: We removed walls between the kitchen and the living area and the columns that were beneath it, as well as into the entry way into the living area, to create a more open concept.

Rae Lee: To watch them take the house from where it was, down to the studs sometimes, and really see it in it’s raw form, and then bring it back to what it is now is amazing to watch.

Tom: THIS is the stage of construction most homeowners have trouble with. Transformation takes time… and patience.

Reina: Rather than search forever for the perfect house, or try to build a new custom house from the ground up, if they could partner with the right remodeling company, they could turn the inside into exactly what they wanted.

Tom: The result… an open concept… with a common thread… perfection.

Rae Lee: This house is our dream home.

Tom: Custom remodeling crews that turn dreams, into dream homes, that’s what makes TriFection a certified HomeShow Pro. For HomeShow radio dot com I’m Tom Tynan.

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