Is too much attic ventilation bad?

Having the right amount of attic ventilation is vital to mold protection. Nothing loves humid, Texas air more than mold. It thrives on it. And nothing gets more humid and hot than your attic.

Attic ventilation fights mold

Flowing air from attic ventilation keeps humid air from settling and creating mold. How much is too much?

Watch to find out how much ventilation your roof needs to keep air flowing and stop mold before it starts. Attic ventilation keeps the air moving and stops mold from growing, but too much ventilation can be just as bad as having none.

To keep air flowing, your roof needs just the right amount of attic ventilation. But what type works best, and how do you know when enough is enough?

The main vents that we have are ridge vents, turbines, power vents, and airhawks. Each of them have a different rating on how they perform or how much air they can move. A professional can tell you the numbers that you may need of each type. It is based on the square footage of your house.

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