A weird home gardening trick that takes everything you grow to new heights

What do you know about your food? Where was it grown? How was it grown? What was added? What was taken out? With so much unknown, it’s no wonder home gardening is on the rise. Locally sourced food is good. Home grown is even better.

Advantages of home gardening

The biggest benefit of home gardening is control over the growing process. You decide what if any chemicals will be used. Instead of paying premium prices for organic veggies and fruit, grow them yourself.

So why doesn’t everyone have a garden? Time and space are the leading reasons. Home gardening takes time. As for space, few of us have adequate room in our yards for a traditional garden or a raised one that gets enough daily sunlight. But, there is a solution.

Home gardening that grows up

Aeroponics doesn’t use soil. Instead, plants are suspended in a chamber that’s periodically sprayed with a nutrient-rich solution. You can grow nearly any vegetable, herb, or flower—and even some fruits. Your crops grow faster and produce up to 30% more produce compared to an in-the-ground garden. Best of all, it requires little space. If you have a place two feet square that receives plenty of sun, you have everything an Aeroponic garden requires.

These so-called “Tower Gardens” are big sellers at RCW Nurseries because they’re easier, healthier and a smarter way to garden nearly anywhere.

Best reasons of all for home gardening

It’s good for you and it’s good for the planet. Home gardening enriches your soil and reduces erosion. It also gives you a feeling of accomplishment that’s been proven to lower stress and the stroke risk. A recent article in The Guardian reported that the activities involved in home gardening can be as good as exercise—especially if you’re over 60.

See? Your mom was right: vegetables are good for you.

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