Trex Transcend: decking looks that last


Composite decking is gaining in popularity because wood decks look their best they day they’re installed.. While wood decks will fade, splinter and even push up nails, composite decks provides a long-lasting solution. Among composite products, though, Trex Transcend provides a more color-fast wood-look that will look as good ten years from now as it does the day it’s built.

Trex Transcend has distinct advantages

Composite decking is a combination of plastic and wood. Trex Transcend, specifically, is recycled wood fiber and recycled plastic from grocery bags. It takes the strength and durability of wood, as well as the longevity, UV resistance, rot resistance, and insect resistance of plastic and combines them to make a superior product. Trex Transcend is backed by a 25 year fading and stain warranty. So Trex will last a minimum of 25 years or could last a lifetime.

Installing Trex Transcend

Installing a wood deck and installing a Trex deck are nearly identical. Trex cuts like wood, routes like wood, drills like wood, installs nearly identical to wood. The substructure on both decks are exactly the same. The main two differences in Trex and wood is gapping and joist spacing. It has to be gapped laterally and end-to-end. If you don’t have those gaps there you can create a puddle effect on the surface of the deck which can create some problems down the road. Joist spacing has to be 16 inches on center for our one inch thick material or 24 inches on center for our two inch thick material. This will prevent any sort of waviness in your deck.

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