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Drinking water filters can deliver bottled drinking water taste right at your tap. At a time when water may contain Arsenic, pharmaceuticals, and other toxins, taking care of what you drink is no longer a luxury. See what may be lurking in your water and how easily you can remove it with a reverse-osmosis water filter system.

Recently, there’s been news about arsenic contamination, radioactivity, and pharmaceuticals. The K5 reverse osmosis system was able to take out all four main contaminant groups– bacterial, particulate, organic and inorganic. It takes everything out that’s not water. The K5 is installed by tapping into the cold water tap and the reject water goes through the P-trap drain.

Then, we mount a faucet on top next to the regular faucet, and that’s where you would get your drinking water. The K5 has a blue indicator on the top of it, and as that blue indicator’s disappearing, it’s running out of capacity, over 500 gallon capacity. So once it gets to that point, order your filters and when it shuts down, all you have to do is quarter turn off, quarter turn on. Filters are back in.

Getting the purest water from tap takes more than one filter.

K5 is the only reverse osmosis. It has the ability to add more filters to it. Multiple filters in one sitting, multiple configurations, you can configure it. If you happen to have arsenic in your water, we have an arsenic filter that’s designed to take out any remaining traces of that. If you keep up with your filter changes, there’s no limit to what it can last.

Enjoy crystal clear drinking water straight from the tap. No floaters allowed. For, I’m Tom Tynan.

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